Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Real Story of the Non-Suspension Suspension

Now that everyone has had their highly emotional say, and some of my ordained brothers and sisters have had their chance to claim the mantle of Holy Victim, and a trickle of junior clergy [many of whom are chronologically older than I] have revealed themselves to be poorly educated in ecclesial polity and history, and old Stoics such as myself have had the chance to sit back and serenely nod at all of the fuss about nothing, as it usually is, we have a very complete, balanced, and non-bloviating report on what really happened this month when all of those bishops got together and had to justify the remarkable amount of money their dioceses spent to send them to England:


For those who thought I would waste a sermon on this and not spend that time preaching the Gospel, and were a little miffed at me for so doing, I would remind you that I've been working for The Episcopal Church, as monk, deacon, priest, educational chaplain, and seminary lecturer since the summer of 1982 and can easily separate the wheat from the chaff.

[I also hope you admire the 120 word sentence that I just produced.  I have to be careful with length, I've learned, as the clergy and laity who read this weblog tend not to read any posting that carries more than 27 words.]