Sunday, December 28, 2008

The First Sunday After Christmas

It will also be "creative liturgy" Sunday, as I'm ready to do something a little different after our four big Eucharistic liturgies this week.

So, we will offer a delightful combination of the Office of Morning Prayer with touches of Lessons and Carols, including the Holy Communion. We will also leave ourselves open to spontaneity as it is, in the words of the poet, "the spark of existence."*

The lections may be found here.

*Anyone who can help me remember which poet it was who said that will get a prize. I think it was an American, but that's all I remember. Sorry, but my specialty was British poetry.

So, What'd You Get For Christmas?

I'm hard to buy for as I am the man who has everything. Well, except for that standing band saw. Oh, and an upright bass. One of those new ones that looks a little goofy/futuristic but can play a variety of types of music [see photo above].

No one ever buys me a stringed instrument, though. I don't know why.

I do get great things like this: