Wednesday, July 15, 2015

They've Probably Been Following Govt Dietary Guidelines

One third of young US adults are too fat to join the military, report finds

As soon as I abandoned the government's food pyramid, with its over-emphasis on carbohydrates and its unscientific regard for transfats [they're good; no, they're bad] and eggs [they're bad; no, they're good], I lost eight pounds almost immediately without any other "lifestyle" changes.  Has the government ever been right about nutrition?

Most of these young people have been eating that diet in government schools and suffering diminished physical education and sports programs, having their recess play limited to doing little more than sitting around affirming one another's feelings so that no one will get hurt or the school system be sued.

If the military takes this into account and offers a "pre-basic training" fitness program for those interested, this will take care of itself.  Also, keep politicians and lunatic scientists with government grants away from any nutrition or dietary program.