Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sorry, but I Have to Make Jerk Marinade Today

Since I'm now the patriarch of my family, my sister and her husband, my nephew and his girlfriend [with their dog, Carl], my niece and her dog [its name is "Smush-Face" or something], my other niece who lives in L.A., my hanai son and my beloved granddaughter will all be gathered at our house this weekend to feast on my personal recipe jerk chicken, some sweet potatoes grilled with lime and cilantro, a kale salad experience, and various other delights of the gastronome.  In addition, I will perfect my Brooklyn Dodger recipe many times over [it's like a Manhattan, only not sweet].

So, this will be Thursday's only posting, as I must prepare for the Medieval siege that begins this evening.  However, come Friday, we will once again have a person-of-the-week, this time with music.

I wish all a celebratory Fourth of July.  Half of my heritage came to this country in the 20th century, the other was here long, long before that; both have made fine use of the advantages of freedom.  As the founders of the United States noted in their early conversations: Vox populi, vox Dei.