Wednesday, July 8, 2015

After the earthquake(s): National Cathedral seeks funds to some kind of new life

From GetReligion:
Building and operating cathedrals has never been an easy or noncontroversial task. In recent years, several Episcopal Church dioceses have simply given up and closed the doors of their cathedral sanctuaries, often because of the decline of the congregations inside those buildings.
At the same time, far too many Episcopalians on the doctrinal left and the right have been lawyered up for decades, involved in lawsuits that are rooted in disputes about doctrine, but almost always end up focusing on property, buildings, trust funds and sacred assets.
It doesn't help if your cathedral is shaken by a literal earthquake, as well as the tremors of lawsuits and demographics.
Today's Fun Fact:  The current dean of the National Cathedral is the son of this guy; the one on the left.  No, really.