Friday, July 3, 2015

Shark Bite, the Science

The other day I joked about how, sooner or later, someone would blame the recent shark attacks in North Carolina on warmer water from global cooling warming climate change disruption.  I should have said "sooner rather than later".

Check out #5 from National Geographic:

North Carolina’s “Perfect Storm” for Shark Attacks

However, in Australia, where it is now winter, there have been two attacks in two days:

Lennox Head shark attack: Surfer knocked off board day after bodyboarder mauled at Ballina 

Could it be that there is now a world-wide overpopulation of sharks in search of shrinking food sources, or that it's summer in the USA and, as I know from experience, reporters "pre-write" shark attack stories for the time of year when up to half the newsroom is on vacation?  Nah.