Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Newsflash: Real Literature Triggers Emotions

Ovid causes a self-centered student some discomfort to the extent that the student doesn't "feel" safe in the classroom.  What the student thinks is going to happen during a wheezing lecture about classic lit the opinion piece never states.  Perhaps the student will then be brutalized by Homer or Virgil.  Good Lord, the Old Testament alone would put the student in a coma.

If that weren't demented enough, this quotation caused me a moment of wonder:

The bottom-line is that students have a constitutional right to feel safe in the classroom, and their teachers are in no way adversaries on this. Call it a trigger warning or contextualizing, but opening a preemptive conversation about why something in the classroom is challenging and also why it matters will only serve to advance the interests of both students and professors. 

A constitutional right?  In whose constitution?  Is that one of those amendments that was left out of my copy?

I always wonder why an entire culture is expected to change in order to satisfy one person's pathology.  Wouldn't psychotherapy be more helpful?