Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trendiness Will Bring Them In

20,000-YEAR-OLD ARTIFACTS, 21ST CENTURY TECHNOLOGY: Museums are turning to virtual reality, apps, and interactive experiences to keep tech-savvy visitors engaged

It's great to keep museums current with technology and educational trends.  However, as we learned in the Episcopal Church when we bagged a noble liturgical and musical tradition to become more relevant, it doesn't translate into new members and new donations.  In fact, we lost 2/3 of our denominational membership.

I think it may take more than tech to overturn the fatuous attitudes of someone like this mullet:
I’m standing in the admissions line at a museum in New York when I overhear a surprising claim: “It’s like going to the dentist,” a man declares. “I’d rather go the dentist than go to a museum.”

“We can go somewhere else if you want,” his partner offers.

“No, it’s fine.” He pauses. “I strongly believe that people aren’t interested in museums. They just go because it’s a ‘must.’”
No, guppy, it's not a "must".  It's the call of an active mind.  Personally, I'd rather you go to the dentist, too.