Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Are Editors Still Around?

I appreciate that I don't have much room to talk, as I serve as my own editor, proof-reader, and fact-checker.  Honestly, if it weren't me, I'd fire me.  But, this is from a book published by a university press [granted, it's Melbourne and not Sydney] that would have been favored by the attention of at least one executive editor, one plain old editor, and a variety of unpaid dogsbodies who are known as editorial assistants.  Clearly, the author is a bit challenged by the English language, too.

But Scott need not concern us today. For the moment, click on the picture below, which will make it large enough for even those with the poorest eyes to read with ease. The passage appears on page 32 of The Cardinal (ebook edition) and testifies to both Ms Milligan’s tin ear when transcribing quotes and MUP’s sad decline as a reputable publishing house.

carrion thrust
The “carrion thrust” of debate indeed! While one can only guess she means “parry and thrust”,  there can be no doubt whatsoever that MUP  employs editors who don’t actually edit.

I'm going to try to introduce "carrion thrust" into my usage today, at least in conversation with some ecclesial and/or academic colleague, and see if I can make it a "thing".