Thursday, May 18, 2017

Some Concurrence, Some Disagreement

25 things longtime Clevelanders know about the city that newbies don't get

I've lived many places, but I still think of it as home.


1.  Yes, we were something, once.  As I remember from my childhood and teenage years, anyone who wanted to work could find a job, and a good one.
2.  That's just because of the unions, which are fading.  In the last election, the red party was favored.
3.  Honestly, I found Manhattan friendlier when I moved there from Cleveland.
4.  True, and I even had to hear about the "burning river" when I was living in Scotland.
5.  Yes, it is.  23 minutes in Hell is not a lot different from 35 minutes in Hell.  Also, Cleveland's public transportation isn't as good as New York's.
6.  Absolutely true.  I was an East Sider, except for a two year period, and still could not find my way around the West Side.
7.  Actually, it was meant to be watched on television while it's snowing outside.
8.  That's for sure.  In fact, I've never been past the lobby and gift shop as I find admission too expensive.
9.  Yes, without question.
10.  It does in Connecticut, too, so big deal.
11.  I've seen shorts worn in a funeral.
12.  If by food you mean potato-based carbs, yes.
13.  No, it's not.
14.  The best mustard in the world.  I currently have two bottles of it in my pantry.
15.  No.  By that I mean, no.
16.  Big deal.  That was when I was in elementary school.
17.  Unfortunately true, and a challenge to one's practice of Christianity.
18.  Very true.
19.  Ditto.  It's the Jake, man.
20.  Yes.  [Shore Junior High Admirals; Euclid High Panthers]
21.  That's past my time, but I've had some.  It's horrible.  Bring back Stroh's.
22.  If you squint, you can find me in the wedding scene in The Deer Hunter.
23.  Also very true.  Technically, I'm from Euclid.  That means I'm a Clevelander, not a Euclidian.
24.  Whatevs.  Advertising slogans from The Cleve have always been a little obtuse.
25.  Even 35 years after moving away, yes.