Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Academic World Has Become Vicious and Ugly

Maybe I should say, speaking as a refugee from that world, more vicious and more ugly.  It has been moving in that direction for some time and I can't help but feel that these people are getting what they wanted.

A philosopher writes a well-reasoned argument and is publicly attacked by colleagues who admit privately that she's right.


Divinity schools aren’t void of infighting, but controversies from these centers of academic and spiritual contemplation rarely spill into the public domain. Unsurprisingly, then, recently released documents about an ongoing dispute over the role of diversity training within Duke University’s Divinity School have grabbed religious scholars’ attentions.

If you didn't realize that university life is a Utopia of neo-Marxism, I would observe that in both instances there is a call for the re-education of the offender.

Ah, thank you, satire.  This is satire, isn't it?
MUNCIE, IN—In a mathematics lesson delivered to her kindergarten class Tuesday, local teacher and closed-minded bigot Becky Delatorre reportedly insisted that two plus two equals four, all the time, to the exclusion of all other numbers, no matter how anyone feels about it...
After horrified students reported the incident to their parents, the school district had no choice but to take action, and has suspended the teacher without pay until the incident has been investigated more thoroughly.
“We are a place that values all opinions, feelings, and expressions,” the superintendent said in a statement Tuesday. “There is no room for intolerance of any kind in our schools.”