Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Understand Completely

Oregon man locked inside movie theater after falling asleep during 'Star Wars'

I enjoyed the first movie [Which is now what?  The fourth?  The fifth?  The fourth and one-half?] because it was the 1970's, I was in college, and movies had been pretty dark for awhile.

Seriously, I recall the competition that year was Saturday Night Fever [aka Brooklyn as Hell, especially as it included the soundtrack that destroyed the great pop music of the '60's and early '70's with that disco muck], Annie Hall [failed love of a schlemiel], A Bridge Too Far [failed battle of WWII], The Spy Who Loved Me [81-year-old James Bond], Smokey and The Bandit [Hollywood's favorite trope: Southerners as morons], and, of course, Eraserhead.  I still haven't figured that last one out.

So, Star Wars was silly fun and didn't take itself seriously.  Now, it's so serious that fans fit the sociological definition of religious cultists as they argue points of orthodoxy with one another.  It's such an obtuse and top-heavy mythology that's it's neither silly, nor fun, nor watchable.

Unfortunate update: I understand the actress who played the princess has died after a lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse.  I consider her young, as we were the exact same age.  I anticipate that the reaction by the fans will reinforce that sociological definition mentioned above.