Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Stray Thought

What I like about the post-Christmas Day part of the Christmas season is that all of the secularists and functional atheists now forget about Christmas and no longer need to explain its true meaning to us proles.  That means, especially, that the politicians and journalists are done telling us that Jesus, Joseph, and Mary were homeless and/or refugees.  That has to be one of the most mullet-headed interpretations of scripture that I've come across, and I collect them.  They say it every year, hijacking my religion to satisfy whatever political program they want to enable to shovel tax money to their cronies and gain more control over folks like us.

What's the difference between a politician who deliberately misuses The Holy Bible to justify a political action and an Islamist who misuses the Koran to justify...well, a political action?

Since I'm on a tear tonight, as I am in-between parishes and filling my days with chores related to our move that leave me with aching muscles and the sense, as I look around the house, that all my actions are Sisyphean, I'm also glad to be past the day highlighted by those who "worship" Christmas with a tree and presents and liquor and sugary foods, yet don't actually attend to prayer and song in the midst of a community of faith united in the Body of Christ. 

They do not attend church services and sit around on the Feast of the Incarnation giving one another well-wrapped krep and call it "Christmas".  Please.

That's why I enjoy the other twelve days.  These are the days that are truly Christmas and are there for the true believers.  Each day has its own collect [daily prayer], its own lections [scriptural readings], and its own theme.  Following the twelve days of Christmas as a complete experience gives one the real sense of this brief, delightful season.  It's also the perfect antidote to whatever the muggles try to make of our time of celebration.