Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We're #43! We're #43!

Connecticut Ranks 43rd On Top States For Businesses Ranking

John Galt was a fictional character, but the freedom he represented is terribly real, as some states are beginning to discover.  If a state is poorly managed and budgeted, to the disadvantage of small businesses, they'll move to another state.
Connecticut dropped 10 slots in a yearly CNBC ranking of the nation's top states for businesses.
The state ranked 43rd this year, just behind Oklahoma. The rankings are measured by categories such as the cost of doing businesses, access to capital, business friendliness and the quality of life.
[In case you're wondering, it is hot as blazes in the workshop, the air in there is barely moving, and I have a snoot-full of alder dust.  So, it's break time.]