Friday, July 29, 2016

So, That's Why She Chose Him as a Running Mate

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this video, and not for the usual reasons.

First, I don't blame Bill at all, so those who self-identify as Democrats can take it easy.  He's on a lot of medication for his heart condition, which surely makes him drowsy by the end of the day, he is not in the best of physical condition, he's a vegan, which compromises his body's energy storage and release cycle, and I imagine he's exhausted after the week's activity.  Besides, he's heard this speech rehearsed many times, I would guess, so it is no longer a revelation to him.

Also, the candidate's speaking style is that terrible three-note syllabic structure, AB, AB, AC, that works in children's poetry but does not convey rhetorical loftiness.  It gets the information across, but the mind quickly wearies of the rhythm.  It's a pity that so many politicians employ it.

What I really enjoyed was Tim Kaine attempting to protect Bill.  He is nodding along with the speech when, in a wonderful left-ward side glance, he notices some commotion with the TV cameras. Then, in a casual right-ward side glance, he sees that the cameras are focused on the former president nodding off.  Mentally processing what he can do to aid those to whom he is beholden, he again nods along with the speech and, in a moment that will live in the hearts of political bureaucrats everywhere, tries to block the cameras' view of Bill with an awkward forward lean.  Terrific.

The 21st century vice-presidency, summed up in around 20 seconds.

Personally, I would have nudged Bill and pretended to say something along the lines of, "Great point, huh, Mr. President?"  Bill would have figured it out.

Ah, well, what do I know?  I was asleep an hour before.