Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Policy Note

While The Coracle, in its original format, served as a means for communicating parish and diocesan events in a congregation I served over a decade ago, my next two parishes didn't use it as such and it gradually transitioned into...well, whatever this is.  Despite the change, or perhaps because of it, the readership tripled and became more diverse [in the real meaning of the term] and international, naturally altering the content and style of the weblog.

It's been a great run over the last eleven years and I'm planning on continuing it, but The Coracle will no longer be associated with a parish, church, or denomination.  As time goes by, neither will its author/editor.  It will no longer be linked to a parish website.  In addition to these changes, new voices will be adding their perspectives and postings in the near future.

We are about to begin a glorious experience of liberation, as I will be able to snap the ideological tether that's kept me in the "back yard" of faith and have the freedom to explore new expressions in Christian spirituality.  I can hardly wait.