Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This Never Seems to Be a Topic When We "Dialogue"

Bangladesh LGBT editor hacked to death

The superior order of my greater Church encourages those of us plonkers in the parishes to seek opportunities for discussion with our Muslim brothers and sisters.  While that seems rather redundant in my case, as I've taught Muslim students for thirty years, co-taught with imams in a divinity school classroom, moved about the Middle East, served as the private tutor for a Saudi prince, and have a reading knowledge of Arabic, we never seem to be encouraged to broach the topic of LGB rights.  I wonder why?

[By the way, I dislike using "dialogue" as a verb unless I'm reciting Shakespeare, as it has not been used as such since the 17th century.  While I enjoy employing antique terminology, since "dialogue" the verb has been embraced in the 21st century by politicians, professors, psychologists, and church bureaucrats, it seems flatly practical rather than lyrical.]