Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jonny Quest Time

NASA's 'impossible' EM Drive works: German researcher confirms and it can take us to the moon in just 4 HOURS 

If you don't get the reference in the post header, for those of my generation the cartoon "Jonny Quest" was more exciting to the imagination than were the adventures of Captain Kirk and company on "Star Drek".  Ten-year-old Jonny's dad was the world's greatest inventor of cool stuff, be it laser guns, talking computers, hovercrafts, or rocket belts.  Jonny and his gang could be found in the desert being chased by a mummy, in the jungle being chased by a Komodo dragon, or in the Amazon being chased by a whack-job with a pet pterodactyl.  This was from 1964 to '65, the heyday of American tech creativity and confidence, and so its wonderfulness lingered for those of us Jonny's age whose dads worked for NASA.

Whenever something particularly 21st century appears, even if it's just talking heads on my portable phone [another invention of Dr. Quest's], I remember what we thought the future would be like in our adulthood.

He had a jazzy theme song, too: