Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Circus Is Coming

With the anniversary of the Sandy Hook murders soon to arrive, I fully expect the local and national media to engage in an un-slaked bacchanal of "mourn porn" in order to boost ratings, sell some more unnecessary electronics and holiday toys, and convincingly present themselves as concerned members of the community.

At the same time, the professional grief workers will appear in any venue that will host them, produce a variety of superficial pamphlets and maybe a quickly published book or two, and create yet another opportunity for the trauma tourism that feeds their industry.

Clergy are already getting into the act, too.  There will be political "vigils" and pilgrimages to state houses and Washington D.C.

It appears that the White House doesn't want to be left out, either, judging from the e-mail I received from them this week from a fund-raising organization:

Obama campaign arm encouraging Newtown anniversary events

[An aside: Why does a second term president need a "campaign arm"?]

Speaking as one of those who was actually there, and not so that I might be spotted by a TV news crew; one who participated in the physical and emotional clean-up, I find this more than a little distasteful.