Friday, December 20, 2013

John Prine - Spanish Pipedream

I don't know if it's the travails of some hairy guys on some basic cable TV show or the constant pranging on of everyone with a two-bit opinion about health care [rather, medical insurance, as "care" doesn't seem to be on the list of concerns], but it caused the refrain of this forty-three-year-old John Prine song to come to mind.

And if you have never heard of John Prine, you have lead a very sheltered life.  Gladly, it's never too late to learn.

BTW, I beginning to become fatigued with the weekly episode of "moral panic" on the part of some members of the public square.  I may make it a weekly feature.  First, it was the race of Santa Claus, now some inelegant and impolitic statements from a reality TV person; I can hardly wait to see what next week's about.