Saturday, December 14, 2013

Good morning, all.  It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, although I wish the storm had started around 9am as predicted instead of 7am.  Also, plan for power outages as the new generator, which has been running flawlessly since its installation two weeks ago, decided to get stubborn and not start this morning.

Something my farmer grandfather taught me:  If it works, you won't need it; if it doesn't,..well, you know the rest.  I mentioned this to the First Selectman and she said that the whole town could then safely blame me should there be a power loss.  Aces!

Services as usual tomorrow, although please don't endanger yourselves getting to the church.  I hope to record and post tomorrow's sermon and announcements in a video format, but that depends on equipment, power availability, and my understanding of how these things work.  Given my experience with the generator, that's iffy at best.