Friday, July 15, 2011

Surfboard Tales, Part II

Another surfer and I are sitting in the slow rolling waves, waiting for the next set.  He's young and enormous, with shoulders about as wide as a Jack Kirby-drawn superhero [see Captain America above] and muscles so sculpted its as if he has no flesh.  I think he could bust the surfboard in two with his bare hands.  He's been in the water for seven hours without a break and shows no signs of fatigue at all.  He may be able to bust the ocean in two with his bare hands, I don't know.

He and I have just noticed the local beach joggers on an outing from the Surf Health Club; middle-aged folks kind of wiggling down the beach wearing flamboyantly bilious running gear.  A true child of the surf, the Jack Kirby Superhero looks off into the distance and says,

"I wonder what it's like to jog.  Or go to a gym."

[Excerpt from Reading Water, all rights reserved© 2011]