Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thanks, Dan

Amazon Shuts Down Associates Affiliate Program In Connecticut Over Online Sales Tax

The State of Connecticut has begun to tax for items purchased through websites such as this one, even though has no physical presence in the state. In return, has shut down their Associates program, the one that guaranteed us a 4%-6% donation for every purchase.

The referral box to the right, that has been in place for almost three years, has been removed.

Any purchases made from the booklist to the right will be honored, of course, but with no donation to Christ Church forthcoming. As they say in Rastafarianism, "Babylon, mon."

Thanks for the support over the past few years. We raised approximately $300 a year through this initiative, which was hailed by the diocese last year as an innovative parish fund-raising program.

And just because I'm upset about this right now, I'll reveal the following: Gov. Malloy goes to a tanning clinic. So there!