Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm Taking the Rest of the Day Off to Savor. Maybe the Week. When I Read of the Stolen Fire Truck I Said to My Wife, "It's Time to Move Back"

Outside the Q, a mass of humanity seemed to dwell on 4th Street with each passing minute. For one brief moment, a fire truck was stolen and taken for a short ride before it was quickly recovered. Cleveland fans couldn’t stop screaming. Some climbed light posts. You saw No. 1 foam fingers, of course.

The last time I celebrated a championship, I did so with my sports-crazy grandfather and I was in second grade. Is there anything more Cleveland than to "borrow" a fire truck for a celebration?  They returned it, they returned it.   That moxie, more than a sports victory, along with the fact that I saw streets filled not just with white people, means it's time to return home.

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