Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Odds are the Gov Will Choose to Speak about Gun Control for the Next Week or So

With his state at the center of a national review of healthcare megamergers, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy quietly signed legislation that could empower state officials to conceal key documents about health insurers. The secrecy bill was attached to unrelated dental health legislation, passed by lawmakers in the middle of the night and then signed by Malloy on Friday with no public statement. The move comes days after Malloy's adminstration rejected an open records request for information about its review of Anthem's proposed acquisition of Cigna.

I don't address this to be snarky, but to note the milieu in which I must minister, as the state becomes a more and more difficult and expensive place in which to live and work it does not attract new people and families as they simply do not move to Connecticut.  In fact, many are choosing to leave.  Hence, a familiar dynamic of congregational life is stunted.