Monday, March 7, 2016

Yale University = Deadwood, 1876

Honestly, I would never permit a child of mine to go to such a hive of scum and villainy, let alone pay for it.

Yale’s Crime Wave
The number of sexual assault allegations for the second half of 2015 was considerably higher than for the first half, but Spangler says this development should have come as no surprise, given the results from a 2015 survey of the Association of American Universities. (Both Stuart Taylor and I picked apart the dubious methodology of the AAU survey. For a shorthand version: the survey wildly oversampled female students who said they reported a sexual assault allegation to their college, thereby creating an unrepresentative sample of the overall student body.) But to Spangler, AAU is gospel. “We know,” she writes, “from the AAU Survey results that prevalence rates are high and many experiences go unreported.”
There are a number of colleagues of mine who serve on boards and such at Yale and they never mention this rampant criminality, nor what they are going to do to address it.