Monday, February 2, 2015

Thank You For Noting This, Bloomberg News

"Last week, in her State of the Union response, Joni Ernst mentioned going to school with bread bags on her feet to protect her shoes. These sorts of remembrances of poor but honest childhoods used to be a staple among politicians -- that's why you've heard so much about Abe Lincoln's beginnings in a log cabin. But the bread bags triggered a lot of hilarity...."

Heck, please read the whole thing.

I don't tell people this very much, as I live in a judgmental part of the United States when it comes to issues of income and possessions, but I spent my earliest years living in a Cleveland housing project that had plastic sheets instead of glass for the windows.  I had two pairs of shoes growing up, the dress shoes that I wore to school and church and the Keds I had for gym class.  On the days right before pay day we would have meatloaf for two or three dinners; meatloaf that was often more breadcrumbs than meat.  My biggest luxury was a 25 cent goldfish from Woolworth's for whom I cared with great seriousness.

Due to my father and mother's hard work, we went from the projects to living next door to the mayor by the time I was in 7th grade.  Still, I remember the days when we were poor and have no patience whatsoever with those who would either mock that state or patronize those within it, even if the mockers and patronizers wear clergy collars and/or purple shirts.