Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dear Government: Hush Up, Please

U.S. Dietary Panel Advocates Sweetened Drink Tax, More Labeling, and Not Adding Cream & Sugar to Your Coffee, Gosh Darnit
Committee member and Tufts University nutrition profressor Alice Lichtenstein told Bloomberg: "We put much more of an emphasis on healthy dietary patterns as opposed to individual components of the diet. When we focus on individual components of the diet, whether it be carbs or fat, we usually end up going astray."
Yes, "going astray" is another way of saying "completely, totally, fully wrong".  Everything the government assured us about the harmful effects of salt and dietary cholesterol has turned out to

Plus: “Since the 1980s, Americans over all have been eating more grains, produce, cereals and vegetable oils, while generally lowering their intake of red meat, whole milk and eggs, Ms. Hite said, and yet the population is fatter and sicker than ever.”

Gosh, it's like one has something to do with the other.  However, I'm glad to see them asserting the true purpose for such guidelines:  Oh, look.  A new tax!

It's weird that we elect people who tell us what to eat and then punish us through fines [aka taxes] when we choose not to comply with their "wisdom".  Is it the government's role to make us "perfect"?  If so, then whose perfection is it to which we are to conform?  The government's?