Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gallup: Connecticut Is Last in State Job Creation

Connecticut's position at the bottom of the list in 2014 highlights that four of the six New England states had among the lowest Job Creation Index scores last year -- the others being Maine, Vermont and Rhode Island. All four also ranked in the bottom 10 in 2013. New Hampshire has occasionally appeared in the bottom tier for job creation, leaving Massachusetts as the sole New England state that has avoided this unwelcome distinction.

Look on the bright side, our politicians are terrible, awful, and ghastly at job creation, but at least you can't legally buy a rifle magazine that carries eleven bullets.  You can buy one that carries ten, of course, but you're not supposed to notice that.  See, you're safe now.  Unemployed, but safe.

[By the way, to put that whole "too many bullets" issue in perspective, we never carried more than 100 rounds [bullets] each with us when geared up for combat.  That was deemed enough to win any battle. Yes, that's right.]