Tuesday, February 10, 2015

From The People Who Brought Us Global Warming

Everything you know is wrong:
"Guidelines warning people to avoid eating fatty foods such as butter and cheese should not have been introduced, new research has found.  Dietary advice issued to tens of millions warned that fat consumption should be strictly limited to cut the risk of heart disease and death.  But experts say the recommendations, which have been followed for the past 30 years, were not backed up by scientific evidence and should never have been issued.  The guidelines, introduced in the UK in 1983 and in the US six years earlier, recommended reducing overall dietary fat consumption to 30% of total energy intake and saturated fat to 10%.  But researchers say the guidelines “lacked any solid trial evidence”.
Yeah, let's repeat that last sentence: But researchers say the guidelines “lacked any solid trial evidence”.

How many times have we been advised by physicians, scolded by nutritionists, and lied to by politicians about our diet and what it should be?  All of it based on complete and total bosh.