Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Benefits Of Federalism And A Free Market Pleasantly Collide

OUTDOOR CHANNEL Pulls Productions from Colorado


 Beretta Leaves Maryland Because of Stricter Gun Laws

I've thought for some time that the contemporary pharisees who make up our political class, those who would use grief-disabled parents and murdered children to create greater revenue for state programs that are stuffed with their political cronies, have been viewing gun manufacturers and the large body of related industries as they traditionally have tobacco manufacturers.  You would think they would have figured out the difference between agriculture-based businesses that cannot move because their crops only grow in certain areas and manufacturing, which can happen anywhere there is a labor pool.

Since our economy, in a word, suffers, the labor pool is rather lush just about everywhere.

I'll be curious to see what Colt, Mossberg, and Ruger, not to mention smaller manufacturers in Connecticut, decide to do with their thousands of employees now that many, if not all, of their products are illegal for sale or possession in the state.  Why stay when you don't have to and can get a better deal elsewhere?

If I were a governor anywhere but Connecticut looking at the potential tax revenue, housing sales, and lowered unemployment rates possible in luring just one of these businesses to my state, I would make a Herculean effort to encourage their move.

This is something that Gov. Malloy should understand, since he was trying to lure the Bushmaster rifle company to Connecticut last year.  Bushmaster, of course, made the rifle that is claimed to have been used in Newtown [we won't know for sure until the official police report is released].