Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's Not Designed For Logic Or To Address A True Problem, It's Designed To Pander To The Suburban Vote

Connecticut's Gun Control: A Rush To Pass Laws That Couldn't Have Prevented Tragedy

I shoot a tiny bullet at a piece of paper with a type of rifle that has never been used in a crime.  Since that rifle is now illegal to own in Connecticut and I now need to be background-checked and fingerprinted and trained by some political appointee [sorry, Gunnery Sergeant Jackson, but your training was not good enough for Connecticut], not to mention pay a whopping fee to the state [the real reason for this gun control measure], I might as well buy a mess of handguns in the biggest calibers I can find.  Good work, Malloy.  You just made me a gun nut.

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Well, like the drug companies, they contribute a mess o'bucks to the political class.

Also related:  Rifles were involved in fewer homicides in 2011 than blunt objects, fists, and knives – This stat is taken from the FBI’s most recent unified crime report which states that there were 323 homicides involving rifles in 2011 while there were 496 involving blunt objects, 728 involving fists, and 1694 involving knives.