Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Unpopular Thoughts

The junior senator from New York, as we have noted before, is really working hard to make her "brand" that of political toilet-mouth.  It's laughably disingenuous.  Is this how she thinks she can earn her party's nomination and the White House?

See here: The Democrats' new tough-guy routine is painful to watch

If I may quote myself:
Speaking as one who grew up in the working class Midwest, public swearing is viewed as distasteful. There are places where it's expected and tolerated, but not while in the midst of service to the greater community. The practice is made absurd when it's a privileged millionaire wearing an Italian scarf worth roughly what I make in a month deciding to be a public potty mouth. Yeah, I feel real connected to you now, senator.
Thinking of which, the most foul-mouthed women that I've ever known are priests in the Episcopal Church.

I noted while watching a portion of the Tony Awards that the transgressive theater world of New York has been brutally reminded that much of the funding for arts comes from publicly traded corporations and tax revenue.  Since a couple of major corporate sponsors withdrew from Shakespeare-in-the-Park's clumsy reworking of Julius Caesar into another exercise in tedious presidential assassination fantasy, there was nary a peep about the current occupant of the White House.  Perhaps it was done during the portion that I didn't view; perhaps we're reaching rancor fatigue.

Historically, the artistic class is brave until reminded of the hand that feeds it.  Totalitarians throughout history have noted this and found the artistic class easy to manipulate.


Once again, the multi-generational failure to teach Civics has rendered school administrators, generally the dimmest collection of bulbs, incapable of understanding the Bill of Rights.  They still maintain the tradition of humorlessness, though.

Violating the First Amendment, High School Punishes Student for Satirical Campaign Speech