Friday, June 2, 2017

Since Senior Church Leaders are Weighing In on This...

I offer, in a friendly and collegial manner, some relevant information.

The first, from The Guardian:

Well, this guy is in for a long day.

The second, from the UN:
These nations are signatories of the accord.
They plan on building/operating over 2400 coal plants in the next couple of years.

The third, from Gallup: Percentage of what Americans regard as the most important problem currently.

Hint: It's not non-binding climate policy.  Again, The Episcopal Church narrows its concern to that which is of interest only to the narrowest band of its membership.

So, this was my question to the Office of the Presiding Bishop as to his response to the Paris Accord withdrawal, "If this was of such importance to The Episcopal Church that it warrants a press release, why didn't The Church encourage the previous administration to see to it that the treaty was ratified by the Senate?"

In that way, no one person, whatever their office, would have been able simply to remove the United States from the agreement.

At no time during the previous administration do I recall The Episcopal Church urging the then-president to use Congress to forge laws rather than rely on easily un-knotted executive orders.

I haven't received, and will probably never receive, a response to my question.  Then again, the powers-that-be have more pressing issues with which to deal than responding to a parochial nobody.

By the way, have any of our readers ever noticed how many plane trips to distant locales the members of the House of Bishops and House of Deputies take annually?  Love of the environment sure is fleeting.