Friday, March 3, 2017

Heck, I "Try" It Every Sunday Morning

Try spontaneous prose at workshop 

I know it looks like the sermons I preach are extemporaneous, but there's a lot of work necessary to make something look easy.  I prefer not to work from text or extensive, or any, notes as I like having eye contact with the people to whom I'm speaking.  It's more intimate that way and gives me the chance to make adjustments to the sermon based on the attentiveness of the congregation.

Folks, if you think you're anonymous while sitting in the pews, that's a misconception.  The preacher sees all of you.  Especially in smaller congregations, the preacher can see you as well as you can see the preacher.  When eyes wander or cloud over, it's time to either get on to the next point or bring the sermon to a conclusion.  When eyes are locked on you and there is a quietness to the congregation, the sermon is working.