Monday, March 27, 2017

Given the Popularity of Hip-Hop, This Should Not Be a Surprise

Sell-out festivals and book sales up … it’s poetry’s renaissance 

Before I left for my season in the South Seas and Australia, I pre-loaded daily poems on The Coracle so that the weblog wouldn't be shut down for nearly three months.  When asked, before I left, if The Coracle would be active during my absence, I informed the inquirers of the poems.  Their faces fell.  I guess they wanted photos of kangaroos or something.

[Actually, I think I did post photos of Aussie flora and fauna upon my return.]

Anticipating, upon my return, that the motley collection of post-modern poems would have a viewership so low that my web traffic would be all but killed, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the numbers stayed the same and, in some cases, actually outscored most of The Coracle's postings, save for the Friday biographies [still our biggest "seller"].