Thursday, March 30, 2017

About Time the Media Took a Closer Look at This Guy

Consultant to Chief Wahoo protester Robert Roche charged with embezzling federal money designed for Native Americans

Chief Wahoo is the logo for the Cleveland Indians [see above].  It is based on a caricature from one of the local Cleveland newspapers that appeared back in the days when Louis Sockalexis, the first American Indian [aka Native American] in the major leagues, played ball in Cleveland.  The Indians, as a team, are named in his honor.

Loved this, too:
This case is worth talking about because the investigation - which Sierleja said is ongoing -- is really about a Cleveland man named Robert Roche, a well-known Native American who's received wide attention for his opposition to the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo logo.

Roche has served as executive director of the American Indian Education Center, a Parma-based nonprofit established in 1995 to support Native American causes. I documented in columns in 2014 and 2015 that Roche was under scrutiny by state and federal officials for how he spent tax dollars.
From the parking lot of Jacobs Progressive Field to the U.S. Senate, I'm becoming fatigued with fake Indians.