Wednesday, October 5, 2016

“If I am mistaken, I exist.” – St. Augustine of Hippo

My main concerns for this month include remembering that one doesn't tip in Sydney restaurants [which may be why a martini costs $22], that a flip-flop is a "plugger", that all of their flora and fauna are ten times deadlier than anything found anywhere else on Earth, and that effortless WiFi connectivity is more of an American thing.

So that The Coracle doesn't fall into lassitude during this period, I dusted off some poetry, a subject that I taught for twenty-one years, and will present a poem and eccentric reflection on it each of the weekdays.  Well, and one Sunday, but that's a special occasion and you'll understand when the time comes.

These poems are not presented in any particular order or grouping, save for most of them being representative of Modernism.  They are simply the verses that swum into my consciousness for rhyme, if not reason.  Also, remember that I'm a product of my times and the selections may not be as superficially diverse as one may find in a university curriculum.

The poems are, however, evocative and important in the development of our language's artistic expression.  Since we live in a time of fantastic nihilism, where pop culture has eaten and excreted all of the rest of culture, these poetic works may seem quaint and far removed from the creative expression currently represented in the media.

Good.  Not all of us feel that reality television and hip-hop rappists rappers are examples of a civilization in full flower.

Some poems you may know, others you may remember from school.  One or two, I hope, are new to you.  It doesn't really matter as poetry, like prayer, scripture, the chords of Robert Johnson, and waves, should be new with each encounter.

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