Monday, October 31, 2016

An Update

Received a massive email dump this morning (it's 8:20 on Tuesday morning here) and will try to respond via The Coracle.
1. Yes, I've eaten kangaroo. Also emu and crocodile. Fish and chips is still better, especially as it has Asian overtones, which is typical in the Pacific Rim.

2. Yes, I've both gone surfing and diving. And family, as you know what I tend to do, thus far I've only suffered a sprained wrist and two cracked ribs, neither injury limiting my activities.

3. ESPN Australia has been carrying both the pennant race and The World Series. I've actually found four other Indians fans. Of course, the Series is carried in the mornings here.

4. I had a happy birthday in Fiji, swimming in a pool below a remote waterfall and checking out the World Surfing tournament.

5. Australians are afraid Trump will push the "red button" and that Clinton is a tool of Putin, given that he's had his cronies donate over $100 million to her foundation.

6. Today is a day off for everyone as it's the Melbourne Cup, a combination of the Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, and Daytona Beach bike week in one. Just spoke with four locals having Foster's for breakfast. That's actually not that unusual here.

7. If all goes well, we'll be home in eight days.