Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hey, We're Back

Thanks for being patient during the hiatus.  While I was gone I had some knee damage addressed, managed to come down with...well, something that was tricky to diagnose.  Suffice it to say, I currently stand as a challenge to medical research.

However, even during the height of my affliction, I managed to write around 25,000 words of the slim volume that I have been commissioned to write.  It hasn't been easy, as I'm attempting to construct the book that is more like the experience of surfing the Internet than it is linear reading from page 1 to page whatever.  It's a collection of homiletical observations based on a life spent among the demi-monde of surfers, musicians, archaeologists, and mad holy men and women.  It's fun to relive those rich and varied days; I just hope it's as much fun for the reader.  One thing that I retain from this experience: There is nothing lonelier than writing.

While The Coracle has been reactivated, I still have another 25,000 words to produce, so the daily output will not be of the same volume as it was, at least until the opus is finished, and there may be some re-runs here and there.  Still, for those used to reading this on a daily basis, I hope you are able to return to the habit.

Has anyone seen Jeanne and Jayne?