Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Just a Reminder: None of the Post-Sandy Hook Gun Laws Address What Happened at Sandy Hook

Connecticut Plans to Be First State to Bar People on No-Fly List From Buying Guns

This is a useless and cynical gesture, like the post-Sandy Hook gun laws, especially as the "No-Fly List" is not the same thing as the "Terrorist List".  The No-Fly List is a list of names without any indication as to why people are on the list, other than most of the names are or sound "Middle Eastern".  A former parishioner of mine, a Christian originally from Syria who had lived as a citizen of the U.S. for over twenty years, wound up on the list and it took him years to get off of it.  There was never any explanation as to why he was included.

By the way, neither of the California terrorists was on the "No Fly List".