Sunday, July 6, 2014


I'll be away on weekdays from July 7th until August 3rd.  I will be available only on Sundays and in case of pastoral emergency.  I will be travelling extensively, so immediate response will be unlikely.  

The abstract for the work I'm intending on researching during this time appears below:
As the realities of the post-denominational age become more acute, especially in mainstream Protestant churches, pointed analysis is required to assess and recommend new approaches for the proclamation of the Gospel in small congregations.  Through examination of the most recent studies of small church ministry, especially in aging communities of little social dynamism, interviews with clergy and laity involved in innovative and workable programming, and consideration of the spiritual quest of young parents, the applicant intends to construct a practical framework that will answer, at least in part, the need for a new form of theological emphasis and praxis based on his context.
Yeah, I know it's academic gibberish, but what I'd like to accomplish is a look at possibilities for future pastoral ministry in light of the remarkable lack of spiritual foundation shared by those born since 1970, and especially since the '90's.  I'm going to be drawing from the pool of then-high school students whom I studied for my dissertation.  As they are now on the cusp of 40 and are parents in search of some spiritual dimension in their lives, our conversations should be fruitful.

While daily updates may be unlikely this month, I'll offer a sampler from the works of some significant philosophers and theologians.  Relax, it'll be more interesting than you think.  When have I let you down, faithful reader?  

Also, if you e-mail me during this month, expect a long wait for a response.