Thursday, July 31, 2014

This Actually Happened To Me Once

Veteran Claims He Was Locked Inside VA Clinic By Himself For Hours

Although it wasn't at a health care facility, but at an Episcopal high school in suburban D.C.  This was many years ago and I was there for a job interview.  The two chaplains who were interviewing me got into an argument with one another and left me in the office, off to resolve their disagreement elsewhere.  It must have been some resolution, as they never returned and the maintenance staff locked me in the chapel.  I called for a cab from the chaplain's office [cellular phones were not yet affordable, portable, or ubiquitous] and actually climbed out a sacristy window to leave the building so as not to set off the alarm.  [I didn't get the job.  Yeah, that was a real heart-breaker.]

Two days later, some squirrely administrator called me in Massachusetts to apologize.  Apparently, they had finally realized that I had disappeared.

Hilariously, the more bellicose of the two chaplains is now a bishop.  The church is in the very best of hands.