Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Difficult Translation From A Shawnee Poem [On The Occasion Of Today's Warrior Dash]

The day will come when the pack will not wait
     And you will not be able to run with them
The body will age but the spirit still yearn

But today is not that day
Today you will run and you will climb
     You will crawl through thicket and mud
           As you did when you were young
     You will leap again through fire

The pack will climb
    And if halted, will break the obstacle

The pack will leap
    And if held, will rend nature itself

We will not be burned by the fire
     We will burn hotter than the fire

And when the pack ends its journey
     You will be with them
The pack will know and will see
      Will power wrapped in scar tissue

So come then, sons and daughters of war hounds
     Come hither and taste blood.