Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What The...? A Pool Party?!

This morning, while I was casually composing Sunday's program and readying for my academic year premier at Rumsey Hall, a great commotion shook the Rectory [not to mention set to rocking the Chief Wahoo bobblehead]. 

It turns out my neighbors are building a pool.  Next to the parking lot.  And the Rectory.  With earth-moving equipment parked in our lot.  [Really, folks, you should ask to park here, as one never knows when a funeral or some other such event will take place during the week.  I'm a friendly guy, so I'm told.  Churches aren't just open on Sundays, you know. Well, maybe you don't know, but still....] 

Anyway, to salute my neighbors' bold new plan for their property, and for turning the Rectory's tap water brown, I offer these two articles:

Chemicals in indoor swimming pools could be harmful, three studies show


The Home Swimming Pool. Full Of Empty Promise?