Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Obligatory Vacation Photos

Didn't really think I'd go away and not force you to view vacation photos upon my return, did you?  All photos may be enlarged by clicking upon them. 
Below is a typical day at the beach, despite the fact that the waves are a little on the anemic side:

This is more like it, as we see some storm surge waves from "Hurricane" Earl:

A quiet sunset at the Music Pier, the day after the "hurricane":

My favorite anachronism is this mural, found in a beachside parking lot on a building that houses a fudge factory [I think], that features Duke Kahanamoku, the father of surfing.  That a Hawaiian swimming/surfing champ, who started the life guard service in southern California in the 1920's, could be easily integrated into common scenes from Ocean City, New Jersey is testimony to the ubiquity of the great waterman who still serves as an inspiration even to East Coast surfers.

Jenni's favorite boardwalk site is the giant parrot on the pirate ship that decorates a video arcade.  His head actually moves in a mildly creepy manner.  In my day, this was a pinball arcade with no parrot, just a scary looking guy to whom one went for change to play the machines.  Come to think of it, his head didn't move.