Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maybe It's Because It's Late August...

...or maybe I just need a vacation, but I haven't been keeping up with postings as well as I do usually.  Ideally, something should be posted every day so that the readership maintains the habit of checking the page, but I just haven't found that much to which to link in the past week or so.  Certainly, I have run out of what Hunter Thompson used as the final element in his journalistic trinity of "total coverage, full credit, final wisdom."  While I was sitting in the barber's chair this morning, I began to think about waves and water and boats and all the things that I'm going to miss as soon as summer ends.  I was so lost in those thoughts that I didn't notice that the barber had finished.  [Well, it only takes 3-5 minutes for me to get my hair cut, so it doesn't quite qualify as a coma.]

So, I'm leaving this weekend for two weeks.  Our Sunday School/Christian Education program will be planned and ready to begin on September 12th, a day on which we also have a vestry meeting which will begin our planning for the remainder of the year.  As I will note in our September newsletter, we had a very productive summer with signs of measurable growth, and there is much about which to be thankful.  So, since I've taken off only one Sunday in the past twelve months [out of contracted allotment of five], I think this a good time, before I run out of things to say on a Sunday morning.

I usually take a hiatus from the weblog during this time, but this year will offer an occasional notice or observation.  For those who read The Coracle once a day, I think once a week will be okay until the 11th. 

Now, to set the mood, some Dick Dale and the Del-Tones: