Friday, February 3, 2017

Editorial Note

The photo to the right has been in place for over sixteen years and, really, I'm no longer in my early forties [something I realized when, after lifting moving boxes for several days, I could no longer bend over or walk without making a sound similar to those made by my grandfather], so it has been updated.

Old photo:

New photo:

What did I do in the evenings when in Sydney?  Review lecture notes?  Meet with colleagues?  Compose a new theology?

Nah, I sat in the Quay with a Carlton Draught and an Aussie Works burger and reflected on the halcyon days of youth, the health and positivism of Australians, the beauty of that city, what kind of surfboard would be best for the east coast of the continent, and gave thanks that one of their 1012 super-deadly insects, animals, and mammals hadn't made me cease to be mortal on that particular day.

Mainly, I relished the life I've enjoyed and planned for even more adventure.  God is good; all the time.

[For those wondering, I still have the truck that's pictured in the old photo.  Three more years and it can bear classic license plates.]