Monday, February 6, 2017

A Piquant Observation from a Former Student

In regards to Lady Gaga and Tom Brady:
I’m thankful for both of them for being good at what they do. Sunday night, they showed art and sports and people can be so much more complex and surprising and enjoyable than politics allows them to be. It was pure fun, and in times like these, unifying.
Personally, my only disquieting moment came via the slight re-writing of "America the Beautiful", as presented by a few Broadway chorus women.  Works of art need to be respected, even when the meaning of words alters slightly over time.   It is, after all, a poem written by a woman who was an early feminist and who carried other personal qualifiers respected in the 21st century.  The biography linked below is courtesy of the Gay History Project:

Katharine Lee Bates: Author of ‘America the Beautiful’