Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Different Century, Same Problem

Navajos slam Obama for inaction

One third of their drinking water comes from the river that was flooded with arsenic and other heavy metals by the EPA; an environmental atrocity for which no one has answered, or ever will.  Nor will the government, which thinks nothing of throwing away billions of dollars in "green" energy scams, grant the river and adjacent reservation the status necessary to budget a proper clean-up.

I stay away from "grievance politics", or at least try to, but this episode rankles me for reasons that are genetically deep.  For all of the identity awareness that has been a frequent, adamant, and pungent part of our public discourse over the last seven or eight years, it's remarkable to me that there still remains a racial demographic that continues to be so nonchalantly victimized by the powers-that-be, regardless of the political party in power.